Keep Up Your Pretty Smiles With Best Dental Care At Smile Line Dental!

The success secret of Smile Line is tending below the supervising of Dr Elhage, who has been considered as the most driven dental care artist by associate never-ending commitment to moral also the quality best care, driven to achieve our excellence philosophy in odontology with the passion of dentistry. Dr Elhage has started the project of Smile Line in, 2000 from tiny low dental medicine in Rest Well Street, and Bankstown.

Dr Elhage, done a homeward observe to a bigger clinic, still located on Rest Well Street. This clinic is about up along with the state of dental art instrumentality faithful name. Dr Elhage is an experienced dentist Condell Park since over the 13 years conjugation over 8000 number of patients.

The mission of Smile Line Dental is to ascertain family homeward observe with a protracted term read. This can be done by the commitment of glorious service by through personalized honest, moral and knowing care. The orthodontist Bankstown will facilitate our whole community via our patients accomplish glorious oral dental health care with top quality, multidisciplinary and price economical dental services as well procedures.

Smile Line’s vision is to be a recognized and leading most dental care and health supplier within the south western space of state capital and in the New South Wales. Dr Elhage may be a cosmetic tooth doctor with his utmost passion for all sides of odontology and patient health care. Dr Elhage is also performing procedures in all kind of cosmetic, restorative, endodontic, dental medicine and the surgical as well implant one dentistry. Dr Elhage has also trained below celebrated tooth doctor, Dr Derek Mahony who is the face orthodontics and sensible tooth doctor Prof Dan Brener having his own Brener Implant Institute. This was all followed by the Doctor of Philosophy from University of state capital, investigate completely different model of experimental cardiopathy. Following are the treatments that Smile Line is facilitating with:

  1. Implants – In A Day
  2. Dental Implants
  3. Orthodontics
  4. Children’s Dentistry
  5. Cosmetic Solution
  6. Porcelain Veneers
  7. White Fillings
  8. Teeth Whitening
  9. Crown And Bridges
  10. Root Canal
  11. Iv Sedation Dentistry
  12. Wisdom Teeth Extraction

He also joined the most cooperative analysis centre for internal organ technology only at the Royal North Shored hospital. Doctor’s dentist fellowship enclosed work on all surgical as well medicine treatment that modalities for through an experiment iatrogenic cardiopathy. His all commitments regarding clinical got a lot for him to enroll at University of state capital that has a huge dentistry faculty, wherever he’s been graduated with honors. Well, from that time, he also lived a life of principle “service on top of self”, also worked staggeringly in giving the most effective treatment to all of his patients. Dr Elhage is highly committed for staying at the vanguard of dental care technology and continuous skilled development with post-graduated hands on coaching a priority.