Enjoy The Finest Cosmetic Dentistry At Wheelers Hill Dental!

Wheelers Hill Dental Clinic is located opposite to Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre in Melbourne. Our purpose is to treat our patients with the best and effective that can help them to have healthy gums and strong teeth. Our professional at clinic try to give the best dental implants in Glen Waverley to the patients so that they may not face any problem. Many patients cannot enjoy most of the tasty and delicious things because of weak gums or un-healthy teeth thus the practitioner at our clinic are well aware of this fact and they try their best to provide the best treatment to the patients so that they can enjoy every kind of delicious food without any pain.

Welcome to Wheelers Hill Dental:

Our target is to provide the patients the necessary knowledge they may need to keep their teeth strong and gums healthy along with the best treatment. There are many people who suffer from anxiety about dental treatment and are very sensitive to it. For the purpose of reducing the anxiety within our patients and to create a calming and peaceful environment for them we have created a schedule cosmetic dentistry system. Because of the schedule system the patients do not have to wait too long. We provide our patients the best treatment in order to maintain their dental health. By combining latest dentistry techniques with the traditional techniques, we have discovered new methods that are very effective for our patients.

Our principal Dr. Teong Saw OAM moved to New Zealand forty years ago as an international student at the prestigious Otago University and before the opening of Wheelers Hill Dental he worked at Kuala Lumpur Hospital in Malaysia. Most of the time he is busy in treating his patients helping them to resolve their dental problems and apart from that he likes golfing and skiing with his friends. Check this link https://wheelershilldental.com/ to find out more details.

Dr. Teong Saw OAM is also a philanthropist and also has been the president member of many non-profit organizations.

Some of the non-profit organizations include:

  1. The Royal Children’s Hospital Centre for Adolescent Health.
  2. The Australian Chinese Events Committee.
  3. The Chinese Association of Victoria School Building Fund.
  4. On the other hand, some of the beneficiaries of his philanthropic activities include:
  5. The Royal Flying Doctor Service.
  6. Very Special Kids.
  7. The Fred Hollow Foundation.
  8. Victor Chang Cardia Research Institute.

For his significant contributions to the community he also won an award of “The Order of Australia” in 1999. Our, services include

  1. Dentures
  2. Bridges, Veneers and Crowns.
  3. Fillings
  4. Periodontal Maintenance
  5. Laser Dentistry
  6. Cleaning and Prevention
  7. Implants
  8. Extractions
  9. Teeth Whitening
  10. Night and Snore Guards
  11. Invisible Alignment