Different Types Of Doctors Or Physicians

Everyone knows that doctors are known to be demi-gods because after God only doctor can help a person in giving him another life. Doctors rescue a person from serious illnesses and try to save him from falling into the hands of death. He is the one who gives your new born child in your hands. In fact, he tries his best to give you pleasant news while working tirelessly, non-stop, sometimes even for more than twenty hours. Doctor’s works in hospitals, private clinics, health centre or any other place where they can help humanity. In this article, we will be discussing about doctors and different types of bulk billing doctors Kirwan who differs from each other on the basis of their education and experience. 


As we know, that doctor is a person who has medical knowledge and knows to treat or cure the patient. A person qualifies to become a doctor after he completes his bachelor’s in medicine and bachelor’s in surgery. Moreover, he has to do training for two to three years and then he can specialize in particular organ if he wants to. So, we can say that a doctor is a who practices medicine and is concerned with promoting, treating and restoring health through diagnosis, study and curing different sicknesses. Physician, medical doctor, medical practitioner are all different names of a doctor.

Types of doctor:

The term doctor is further divided into various types. Doctors differ from one another on the basis of the education they have received, experience they have and subjects on which they specializes. There are pediatricians who take care of young children or infants. They provide primary health care to children that include immunization and regular baby checks. Then there are obstetricians or gynecologists who treat all of the women related diseases, manage pregnancy and all other women hormonal diseases. Beside these doctors, there are surgeons who specializes in particular field or organ like orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, cardiac surgeon, etc.

Other than the above mentioned types of doctors, there are psychiatrists. Psychiatrists deal with the emotional and behavioral problems of patients by therapy sessions or counseling. Cardiologists are another type of doctors who specializes in the field of heart related problems and can operate heart. There are many other types of doctors like dermatologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, etc.


Doctors are the people who have full knowledge on all medical conditions of human beings and know to treat them. Besides God, only doctors can rescue a person from death or can give him a second life which is why doctors are also known as demi-gods. A doctor specializes in different parts of body according to the education they have received or the kind of experience they posses. There are medical practitioners, cardiologists, dermatologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, gynecologists and the list goes on. Best and most professional doctors are present in “east Brooke medical centre”. Their team of doctors, general practitioners and medical staff provides comprehensive, quality health care to patients.