The Definition And Purpose Of Counselling In The Field Of Psychology

Among many other fields which have been progressed a lot and have evolved a lot since the earlier ages is the field of medicine. We have been introduced with such medical equipments, medical procedures and medications that now we are able to treat or cure almost every existing diseases or deformity. The field of medicine can be categorized into various branches like cardiology which deals with heart of the human body, neurology that deals with the nervous system of human body and many more such branches. One such filed of medicine is known as a psychology. As the name indicates; psychology is related to the study of mental health of human beings. The person who deals the patients with psychological issues is known as a psychologist. A psychologist uses therapeutic techniques or carries out the counselling sessions to treat the patient with psychological issues. In this article, we will be discussing about the definition and purpose of counselling in the field of psychology.


The term “psychology” can be categorized into two individual terms; “psyche” is related to the mental health of human beings and “logy” stands for the study of. So, psychology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of mental awareness of human being. We know the importance of mind in a human body. The whole body works by the orders given by brain. A peaceful mind can regulate and activate the functioning of the human body. People often confuse psychology with psychiatry but this is a misconception. Even though both the fields are related to mental health of a human being but psychiatry deals with mental health by prescribing medication to the patient. On the other hand, counselling is done in psychology.

The definition and purpose of counselling in the field of psychology:

Holistic medicine is a kind of medicine in which physical and mental health of a person is improved by carrying out the counselling sessions and the therapeutic techniques. This medicine is basically comprised of two main branches which are kinesiology in Ashburton and psychology; in both of these branches counselling plays an important role especially in psychology. Counselling can be defined as advice that is given by the psychologist to his patient but this process is not as simple as it seems. A psychologist provides such an environment to the patient that he tells about is anxieties and the things that are causing his mental disturbance. After the reason is known; then the psychologist gives the suitable pieces of advice to the patient in a way that it fits into his mind forever.


Counselling in the field of psychology can be defined as the expert advice that is given by the psychologist after thoroughly analysing the condition of a patient and hearing him out. The purpose of counselling is to remove the anxiety, depression, stress and other related issues by talking the patient out of it without the use of medicine. “Serenity holistic healing” offers the best services of counselling. Check this link to find out more details.

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Unbelievable Benefits Of Joint Tablets

You might be eager to know what are the benefits of the joint tablet ? but before that let’s see what are the joint tablets ? so, joint tablets are the variety of the vitamins , minerals and the natural herbs that are extremely beneficial  to alleviate the joint pain, inflammation that is the result of the aging  or tablets overuse . These tablets are extremely helpful in reducing the pain of hips, knees, hands, shoulders and elbows. These aches are mainly caused by the arthritis. Since, rheumatoid and the osteoarthritis are the common classes of arthritis. They mainly occur when the protective cartilage of the body comes to end.

Joint tablet can lower the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis

An astonishing study suggest that the glucosamine have proved to be incredible in lowering the joint pains. To prove this fact a survey was conducted in 2007 in 1500 mg of glucosamine were given to the patients every day for about the six months, in this study for about 318 patients were involved and an incredible improvement have been seen through the use of glucosamine sulphate. In addition to this researcher have also conclude that these patients have recovered amazingly as compared to the placebo. All in all, it has been observed that overall 39% people experience this incredible improvement.

Joint tablets help to reduce the breakdown of cartilage

Another amazing benefit of the joint tablet is the breakdown of cartilage especially those with osteoarthritis. It has been observed through different studies that joint pains are surprisingly decreased by the used of joint supplements. According to research of 2015 if has been seen that for about 53% of patients have enjoyed 20 % of the amazing benefits of the joint tablets by decreasing the 20 % of the osteoarthritis. Moreover, these amazing benefits have been observed without any adverse effects.

In order to prove this, a study was conducted on 2006, in which around 1583 participants were involved some took 1500 mg of glucosamine and some took 200 mg of Celecoxib, regularly for about 24 weeks. Knee pain was considered as the primary measurement to check the impact of the joint supplements and it has been observed that they individually have no significant impact however together they proved to be the amazing combination to restore the healthy joint.

Turmeric extract joint tablet

If the inflammation and the arthritis pain have to be fixed, then these are the amazing turmeric supplements are the incredible. According to the study of 2016, it has been found that such supplements are amazing to provide the instant relief for the inflammation and the arthritis pain even more than placebo. Other this study, some different examination has also proved this id this is used in conjunction with rheumatoid, then the recovery will be faster by reducing the symptoms and this combination have proved itself amazing to reduce the joint pain as well. Check this link to find out more details.

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